ICNC Information Services

All these great services available for one low price! Just $12.95 per month.

You don't have to use them all right away. You can start with just one service and use the others when you are ready.

Web Server space (HTTP / HTTPS)
Set up your own Web Site! Custom configurations for special requirements available. (More info)
WordPress site
A WordPress site can be anything from a simple blog to a full online store! Get started with this amazing online tool. (Learn more)
News Server
Participate in the Internet's worldwide discussion boards! Newsgroups on every topic imaginable.
Web Design
We can create your web site for you. Responsive design ensures that it will look good on both desktop and mobile browsers. Add the latest technology and be ready for the future! (Web Design services are not included in the monthly subscription price.)
Analytics is how you track what people are looking at on your web site or wordpress site. You can use Google Analytics, or we also support Piwik (an open source analytics tool).
Friendly Technical Support
If you are new to the job of setting up your server space, we can help!
Private Wiki Services
Wiki servers allow you to collaborate on content with your entire team.
OwnCloud Data Synchronication
Keep you data synchronized across all your devices with this popular open source tool.
Backup Storage
Off-site storage of your important data is the ultimate in data security.
Calendar Services
CalDAV server for keeping your calendars organized across your entire work group.
Directory Server
Centralized storage of your contact information.

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For information on any of our services, contact us at: sales@icnc.com

You may contact us by phone at: (800) 961-1262

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